Prophecies Foretold


An unofficial 78-card tarot deck dedicated to Supergiant Games' Hades.



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Prophecies Foretold is a non-profit charity zine project based on creating a 78 card tarot deck surrounding the characters from the Hades video game. A large amount of artists have joined to contribute to the project that is currently in the production phase of the project. Being the zine mod for graphics and formatting I had the job of designing the branding, logo, card back, layout and design for our booklet, and social media graphics that included motion graphics. I even had the privilege to design the box art using the artwork provided for our booklet cover, the deck bag that the cards can be stored in, a wallpaper for the desktop, and a desk mat to use when laying out the cards to be read.

This was an exciting project as I got to explore how different products were made and worked with a large team of artists and moderators to make sure we reached our goals and kept on pace to our timeline. There were definite challenges met along the way, mostly with production of the cards itself as they have a long production time, but as a team we managed to overcome each obstacle easily and without affecting our timeline in a negative manner. All proceeds of this project once completed will be donated to Doctor's Without Borders.

You can find a list of all of our contributors here who worked hard on our team. For now the project's carrd can be found here and the project's X (twitter) account can be found here.