Prophecies Foretold


An unofficial 78-card tarot deck dedicated to Supergiant Games' Hades.



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Prophecies Foretold is a non-profit zine project based on creating a 78 card tarot deck surrounding the characters from the Hades video game. A large amount of artists have joined to contribute to the project that is currently in the creation phase of the project. Being the zine mod for graphics and formatting I have the job of designing the look of the zine from the logo, to the card back, to the layout of the booklet. Right now since the project is still under development I unfortunately cannot show any previews of the cards or images. Once the project is further along and eventually finished I'll be updating this project with more images and of course be adding a google doc of everyone invovled in the project.

For now the projects carrd can be found here and the projects twitter account can be found here.