Hey, I'm Heather

video gamer jack of many trades font hoarder problem solver color lover

I'm a Visual/Graphic Designer with knowledge in Print Production, UI Design, and Web Design, along with having an eye for creative problem-solving Based in the Chicago-land area.

I've grown up with Photoshop since I could get a copy of it while I was in intermediate school. Moving from paint.net to the adobe program was a large learning curve but one I taught myself over the years as I grew up with it. From learning Photoshop, I taught myself front-end development (I really wanted a cool MySpace profile as a kid) and the rest became history. With being self-taught for so long I'm still continuing my learning pursuit by working and growing in the professional field which offers new challenges and problems to solve each day.

Design inspiration can come from anywhere for me but in general I'm inspired by video games, comic books, animation, my friends and peers, or simply a good story. When an idea strikes, whether it be graphic design, motion design, or something completely different like painting or crafting, I find it hard to rest till I can get the idea down onto paper.

Don't be afraid to reach out about what I'm currently working on, collaborations, commissions, or maybe you're curious about what game I'm currently playing. Maybe we can even team up!


Things I'm good at.

Visual Design

UI Design

Front End Development

Web Design

Web Design



Print Design/Production

Favorite Things

Things I really enjoy

Video Games

Dungeon & Dragons

Board Games


Streaming & Podcasting

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Prop Making