In Stars and Time Instruction Booklet


A Gamecube Manual Inspired Instruction booklet for Insertdisc5's timeloop rpg "In Stars and Time".



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I was approached by Insertdisc5/Adrienne Bazir when they were looking for an instruction booklet for their game "In Stars and Time" with the feel and look of the ones that were in the Nintendo Gamecube games. After being provided the artwork and direction of what they wanted it to look like I set to work with research by pulling out my own old manuals to get a feel of how they are laid out.

The game manual itself has the usual control explanations, the character introductions, and game play tips but it also includes some recipes from the game developer themself. The repeating patterns for the backgrounds, the nostalgic font, it all brings me back to looking at video game manuals for games I just bought and being able to create one was a dream project!

Check out In Stars and Time here on Steam or Itch.io AND if you're interested in checking out the instruction booklet and want to see more layout pages then what is shown here grab the download here for free!